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Frozen Hot Tub Solutions

We have outlined possible causes and solutions to common issues that can cause your hot tub to malfunciton.

Hot Tub Just Died

If your hot tub has no power first thing you want to do is make sure the breaker hasn't tripped.  If it has try turning it on and if it comes on that was the issue.  This can be caused by a power surge or any electrical issue.  Sometimes this is a one time issue that won't repeat but if it trips again you may need to explore further.

Hot Tub Not Heating but Pumps Work

If your hot tub uses a main pump at half speed for heating or has a circulation pump and either are working (water is moving from jets).  If this is the case the pump will keep running as it "thinks" it is heating the water (but the temperature won't rise).  This is a good thing as water that is moving won't freeze (similar to a river that still moves in winter).  As long as the pump keeps running you will have time to get a tech over to check the problem. Most likely causes:

If heater icon on control is on (as if it was heating)

-Relay from computer is not sending power to the heater element, board or entire computer likely needs to be replaced.

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